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The cost and terms of translation

 The translation process yields to calculation and evaluation, is decomposed into components, but at the same time remains a creative process. No two identical translations, as no two people are alike. At the same time, our task is to translate any text was accurate, adequate and neither in whole nor in particulars do not distort the essence of the original.

The terms of transfer are determined by many factors: the degree of complexity of the text, its volume, the need DTP, additional formatting and designing, editing. Usual, the best period translation test is 6 pages a day (each 1800 characters with spaces), or, according to another calculation, 1500-2000 words per day.

Traditional translation community system of characters is the basis for calculating the cost of translation of standard text. So, you can use our calculator to get an estimate of the cost of the text. If the text is large, or you want to get the translation is urgent, we need to attract to run several translators, and also to make a mandatory check of the text on the consistent use of terminology and style. Our experienced translators and proofreaders are professional to do the task. In such cases, the increased volume of work, time and attracting larger circle of performers affect the cost of translation. So we can more accurately estimate the cost of a translation, please send your text by using our online ordering system. We determine the cost and time required for its translation and formatting and will contact you as soon as possible. If these conditions translation suit you, you confirm the order. To pay your order you can, including online, choosing one of the ways indicated in the forms of payment.

You can not worry about the confidentiality of our handling of your materials. Our confidentiality agreement shall enter into force from the moment we receive your text, even if it was sent only to the assessment. In that case, if you decide not to give your text to us for translation, it will immediately be destroyed.

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